• To remain the flag-bearer of Iranian universities overseas
  • To become a merit choice among the UAE higher education institutions by 2040
  • To educate visionary and employable graduates who can apply their academic achievements  and work strategic goals


  • To standardise academic activities and continuously enhance the quality of education and research
  • To Engage all stakeholders in providing a lifelong and value-adding learning experience
  • To create a friendly ambience for studying and teaching towards individuals and social growth
  • To provide quality degree programs for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate candidates
  • To establish an educational partnership to create innovation in the community

IAU Dubai Branch

Dubai, as a modern megacity home to residents from almost 200 countries and myriads of world-famous tourist attractions, has also placed a particular emphasis on knowledge-based expansion, where education and educational infrastructures are part and parcel. Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), formerly known as Dubai Knowledge Village, serve as two hubs for the universities, colleges, and institutes from every corner of the globe.

Chancellor’s Message

In today’s world, developments are accelerating in all areas. The university is the pioneer of these developments as the driving force behind the societies. In fact, research conducted at universities is taking steps ahead of what is happening in the society…

Nurturing the minds of tomorrow for a greener future

IAU is committed and aware of the problems and climate change that has been caused by humankind. Here at Islamic Azad University we seek to create the path that will stay with students even after graduation to stay eco-friendly.