All businesses, from large corporations to start-ups, need good managers to succeed. Learn how to lead a modern business and manage people effectively. The Bachelor of Management program also includes marketing. Marketing is about finding creative solutions to communication problems. You will learn to identify a target audience, develop strategies to reach them, and communicate effectively to drive action.

Studying for a degree in Business Management will give you the knowledge and skills to take your passion and develop it into a career. Use our University’s connections with local industry to get a real-world advantage while studying with us.

Whether you want to get into the workforce as fast as you can or want a balanced study load to fit around other commitments, we have an option to suit your lifestyle.

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Student enrolment questions and adviceMr Jalal Merrikhi
Student adviserMs Mahzad Zareifard
Course CoordinatorDr M. M Oskounejad

The program’s aims and objectives are to educate better and enable students to understand leadership and operational skills. Furthermore, the program aims to develop the ability to compete in the business world by equipping and providing examples and theories in practical and contemporary writings in real, current business issues by business leaders, consultants, economists, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

Bachelor of Business Administration at Islamic Azad University, IAU Branch aims to build students direct knowledge of management, administrational, and strategic skills. Furthermore, the program provides students with the approach of expanding the depth and scope of their knowledge by increasing self-awareness reflecting in their behaviours, cognitive skills, and the learning outcomes to the demands of being graduates ready for the Competitive International Business world.

The Bachelor of Business is an accredited course of study. The aim is to enable students to critically apply common discipline knowledge while understanding the theoretical underpinnings and communicating discipline advice and ideas. Students develop problem-solving and decision-making skills for straightforward situations in practice, using social, ethical, economic, regulatory, and global perspectives. Bachelor of Business graduates will contribute to their profession and society within a culture of independent lifelong learning. The Bachelor of Business provides the opportunity for graduates to understand business and develop a coherent body of knowledge in various majors, which will allow them to meet the entry requirements necessary for associate membership of the relevant professional bodies.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) will be able to:

PLO1:  Recognising and building student’s awareness in the general concepts of Fundamentals of Management and organisations, Economic and financial issues at different levels of industries, having insight visions of basics in marketing principles, residing in system analysis of a business, to collect academic research data and information both in quantitative and qualitative techniques in research methods and to be introduced to an interdisciplinary science for empowering our BBA graduates.

PL02: Demonstrating an in-depth systematic knowledge and understanding of management and organisation and its theoretical-methodological approaches to reflect their leadership skills.

PL03:  Applying organisational knowledge and skills in marketing principles and effectively solving problems by strategic thinking creates value for shareholders.

PL04: Analysing the knowledge of business relations in formulating practical business settings and learning to utilise and solve problems by assembling relevant research, evaluating and identifying sources.

PL05: Critically evaluating and increasing their skills in order to lead others through conducting methods of research, negotiations, judgement, experience and involvement in the market.

PL06: Evaluating the status quo of an enterprise both internally and externally with focusing on promoting the company’s position in the global market.

PL07: Developing Business professionals with employable and entrepreneurial leadership skills to solve problems and improve existing solutions through theoretical, applied, and developed approaches.

PL08: Designing and creating business models, proposals, and tools for implementing business decisions in Product and Strategy Development.

Upon completing the requirements of the following courses, credits and hours, the students will be graduated from the Bachelor of Business Management program.


Course Type



Hours per a Semester

Bachelor of Business Management

Core Course[1]







Core Elective Courses[2]







General Elective Courses[3]











[1]Core means those courses that are compulsory for the purposes of the qualification’s major/specialisation.

[2] Core Elective means the list of courses from which students must choose a certain number of credit hours or points for the purposes of the qualification’s major/specialisation.

[3] General Elective means the list of courses from which students may make any selection up to the total number of required credit hours or points. IAU-UAE Students are required to select 5 credits among the general elective courses

Our graduates have exceptional career outcomes. More than 70% of our undergraduate students think that their studies at the Islamic Azad University (IAU branch) have helped them develop job market skills (Source: 2019/2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey).

Our Business course gives you both job-specific and transferrable skills. You will gain job-specific skills in your primary study area, so you are ready to enter the human resource and marketing management workforce.

Transferrable skills set you up for long-term success. We embed the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation and teach you critical thinking, strategic analysis, and evidence-based decision making, so you can adapt as the job market evolves.

All students will need to meet the minimum English Language Requirements, university general entry requirements, and course-specific requirements such as pre-requisite subjects.

English Language Requirements

This degree requires a minimum of an/a

  • IELTS (Academic) of 5.0, with no Writing and Speaking band less than 5.5, or
  • PTE Academic score of 40, with no score lower than 40, or
  • TOEFL (iBT) of 40, with no individual band less than 40

For students who do not meet the English Language Requirement through citizenship or prior studies in English in an approved country, an approved English language test completed within the last two years must be provided.

General Entry Requirements

Admission to undergraduate courses at the Islamic Azad University-UAE Branch requires the completion of qualifications equivalent to the 12th year of education in Iran (Diploma).

Course Specific Requirements

This course does not have any course-specific requirements.

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