Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing measures how well we function today and how we feel about ourselves and our lives on/off-campus. Islamic Azad University- UAE Branch seeks to raise the quality of students wellbeing, not only physically but also mentally.

During your time at the IAU, we are here to help you flourish and enjoy feelings of happiness, contentment and curiosity so that you can engage fully in your personal and academic journey. We aim to support our students throughout their studies and prepare them to function in the world even after graduation by creating and motivating them to have a sense of purpose and belonging.

We understand that student life can be stressful, and commitments outside the IAU can sometimes be just as demanding as your studies. Through a range of advice, guidance and support services, we can help you look after your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing; they are all connected and equally important.

Support in crisis 

We can help point you to resources and organisations that can help in a mental health crisis or crime.

  • Advisors’ doors are always open to the students
  • IAU provides a game room for its students to relax


You may be interested to join already existing clubs or even establish your own with your classmates!
Some of these clubs include our:

  • Football team
  • Table tennis