As a modern megacity home to residents from almost 200 countries and myriads of world-famous tourist attractions, Dubai has emphasised knowledge-based expansion, where education and educational infrastructures are part and parcel. Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), formerly known as Dubai Knowledge Village, serve as two hubs for the universities, colleges, and institutes from every corner of the globe.

In 2003, IAU-UAE Branch, or IAU-Dubai, was among the early higher education providers in Dubai to cater to the educational needs of the vast Iranian expatriate community living in the UAE. The strategic location of Dubai delivers many options for the branch to employ a varied group of international and local adjunct professors, top-notch visiting professors, and high-calibre researchers as its dynamic academic body.

Accredited by Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology (MSRT) and Dubai Government’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), IAU-UAE Branch has been striving to provide quality higher education candidates in the disciplines of architecture, management, and law.