Staff Wellbeing

Career Development Guidelines (IAUCD) Framework

Objective and Aims

Objective, points and indicators put together the IAUCD structure. The three areas include Personal Social Growth (PS), Educational Accomplishment and Lifelong Education (EDFel), and Career Management (CM) depict content.

Personal Social Development Domain

  • Objective PS1 Develop comprehension of self to fabricate and keep a positive self-idea.
  • Objective PS2 Develop positive relational abilities, including respect to various ethnicities.
  • Objective PS3 Integrate development and change into your professional advancement.
  • Objective PS4 Balance individual, recreational jobs.

Educational Achievement and Lifelong Learning Domain

  • Objective EL1 Attain instructive accomplishment and execution levels expected to contact your vocation objectives.
  • Objective EL2 Participate in continuous, deep-rooted growth opportunities to improve your capacity to work in a mixed and evolving economy.

Career Management Domain

  • Objective CM1 Create and deal with a lifelong arrangement that meets your professional objectives.
  • Objective CM2 Use a course of decision-production as one part of vocation improvement.
  • Objective CM3 Use exact, current and impartial professional data during vocation arranging and the executives.
  • Objective CM4 Master scholarly, word related and general employability abilities to get, make, keep up with or potentially advance your work.
  • Objective CM5 Integrate changing work patterns, cultural requirements and monetary circumstances into your professional plans.
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