Education Quality Assurance and Enhancement Assistant Officer ​


Education Quality Assurance and Enhancement Assistant Officer

Vacancy Ref: 2022QA

Job Title:

Education Quality Assurance and Enhancement Assistant Officer


Standardisation and Quality Assurance Department


Directly Responsible to:

Academic Standards and Quality Office

Directly Report to:

Director of Education Quality Assurance-

Dr Adnan Satariyan

Other Responsible Units:



IAU-UAE ChancellorVice-Chancellor, Director of Quality Assurance, Faculty Deans, Heads of Department, Academic departments, Students.

External (Dubai)

KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority)

UQAIB (University Quality Assurance International Board)

Job Overview

The Education Quality Assurance and Enhancement Assistant Officer contributes to the effective development, implementation, and management of the Islamic Azad University (IAU)’s policies, procedures, and processes for quality assurance and enhancement. This includes course outlines, monitoring, and reviewing curriculum practice. The processes overseen by the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Officer ensure a regular cycle of feedback from students, staff, and lecturers to share new ideas and constantly improve to ensure academic standards are maintained.

The IAU approach to teaching and learning places students at the centre and highlights our commitment to providing stimulating programs of study based on constructive approaches to learning and teaching that reflect innovation in curriculum design and delivery. The continuous improvement of the student experience is central to our courses’ development, quality assurance, and enhancement activity. The responsibility of this post will be to maintain all educational data systems within the school to provide accurate and precise reports for the external bodies.

Major Duties:

To manage and complete activities and reports explicitly relating to academic standards and quality and provide guidance and direction to senior managers across the University and the academic community to ensure that the University’s reputation is protected and that the University is compliant with quality assurance and regulatory frameworks. The Standardization and Quality Assurance Department director influences how the University is perceived locally, nationally, and internationally in terms of reputation, academic standards, and student experience quality.

Fulfilling the role requires contact with staff across the University, including the Academic Office, Research Office Faculty Deans and the Heads of Department, lecturers, and the students. This job also involves direct line facilitation of the curriculum and assessment policies, including academic standards, objective settings, action plans, marketing and performance monitoring and staff development.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To analyse the University’s academic data, including exam results, report grades, attendance figures, feedback forms and other specific academic areas.
  • To manage, develop and update the quality assurance policy and procedures and related documentation
  • To create, oversee and develop the University’s use of data for auditing by external bodies, e.g. KHDA
  • To produce clear, concise, accurate information to support faculties in raising standards of educational performance
  • To maintain the administrative functions for the university Standardisation and Quality Assurance Department (SQUAD)
  • To liaison with academic faculty and various administrative departments
  • To assist the university Director of Education Quality Assurance with accreditation compliance reporting and timelines
  • To assist the university Director of Education Quality Assurance with preparation, review and submission of accreditation reports and requirements to the KHDA
  • To collaborate effectively with the Student Administration team, Academic Registration Office, and with Departments and their administrators

Candidate Specifications:

To consider for this role, you will have to hold a valid UAE residency visa


  • A Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Education, Curriculum Development, or any relevant field

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to keep up to date on relevant policies and procedures in line with the duties identified in the job overview and the key responsibilities
  • High-level computer skills
  • Ability to perform in EXCELL and/or SPSS
  • Excellent knowledge of the English Language, especially writing skills
  • The ability to work well as part of a team, work accurately, and remain calm under pressure are essential.

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