Teacher’s Day celebrated Teacher’s Way

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8On the occasion of the national Teacher’s Day, May 2, a splendid ceremony was held at the banquet hall of the Iranian Club to acknowledge the exalted position of educators. This year’s event auspiciously coincided with the national Father’s Day that marks the birth anniversary of the first Shiite Imam Ali p.b.u.h..

IAU-UAE Branch was the generous host of the event in which dozens of guests from the Iranian organizations and institutions in Dubai as well as a selected number of teachers and principals from the Iranian high schools in Dubai and Sharjah were cordially invited to celebrate the teacher’s day alongside the IAU authorities, faculty members, staffers, and their families.

Amid the vivacious reunions and friendly chit-chats typical of such gatherings, the ceremony began with recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran at 9p.m., followed by the national anthems of the UAE and Iran. Then, Dr. MohammadaliShafiei, as the university’s Vice-chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs welcomed the guests, congratulated them on the occasion, and highlighted the presence of Iranian high schools representatives as a turning point in creating a synergy between the schools and universities.

He then invited hojjatoleslam Dr. Mahmood Madani, the esteemed representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Office to the UAE, to hold the floor. Dr. Madani, in his speech underlined the irreplaceable significance of teaching and learning. Himself being a professor, Dr. Madani went on to pinpoint a selection of aphorisms on the rights that educators and students have against one another.

Afterwards came the lengthy, yet reassuring, part of awarding gifts and branches of rose to each and every teacher present at the ceremony. The guests were called to the stage by Dr. Shafiei who, at times, had to control the chattering crowds like a teacher with his witty remarks.

The gifts were presented by a panel consisting of Prof. MohammadrezaShahriari, IAU-UAE Branch Chancellor, Mr. Bahrami, Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran in Dubai, hojjatoleslam Dr. Mahmood Madani, the honorable representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Office to the UAE, and Mr. Goodarzi, Head of Iranian Schools HQ in the UAE.

The three-hour ceremony wrapped up by a banquet of diverse Persian cuisines.