System Analysis and Design – BBA

Credit: 3

Hours: 51

Credit Type: Theory

Pre-requisite: Fundamentals of organization and management


To familiarize the students with the importance of system design and analysis, also understanding system concepts, systematical thinking, system process, General theory of systems, science of control and communication and application of each of them in organization and finally understanding the concept of procedures, and system analysis and design tools

Main Topics:

Part 1: Introduction

Examining system design and analysis, the need for system design and Analysis, theoretical basis of system analysis and design, the roles and applications of system design and analysis, system analysts and designers

Part 2: Feasibility study and understanding the organization

Study the System with the use of systematical skills of system analysis and design, content diagram, critical factors of success, information process diagram and system diagram

Part 3: Management of analyzing and designing a new system

Concept design of a new system, descriptive design of system, installment, assessment and system maintenance

Part 4: System Analysis and design tools

System programming skills, conceptual modeling of information, organized design of program