Strategic Management – BBA

Credit: 3

Hours: 51

Credit: Theory

Pre-requisite: fourth year


An understanding of strategic variables in organizations and how to set policies, goals, plans and strategic decision making in management of industrial organization level.

Main Topic:

First topic: Definition of strategy, an understanding of related terms and concepts

  • Strategy and tactic
  • Setting goals
  • Policy making
  • Planning
  • Decision making

Second Topic: The process of setting organizational strategic components

  • Analysis of opportunities, threats, weaknesses and strengths
  • Specifying options and alternatives
  • Selection and implementation

Third Topic: Understanding of organization strategic value

  • Human and social variables (human resources)
  • Structural variables (Organization size and administrative division)
  • Markets and organizational environment (competitive market, job and employment market, suppliers market, government and government organization)
  • Technology and production (density of capital, selection and transfer of technology, production process)
  • Organizational Culture (values, customs, traditions, legends)

Fourth Topic: Management of efficiency

Productivity Management