Psychology of Work – BBA

Credit hours: 3

Hours: 51

Course type: Theory

Pre-requisite: –


To study human behavior in different aspects of work life and applying human behavior knowledge, in solving human related issues.


Course contents:

  • Introduction

Pre-assumptions of Psychology of work

Psychology of work improvement

Fundamentals of Practical and theoretical aspects of psychology of work

Individual and conditional differences in human behavior

Integration of behavioral approaches

  • Research methods in behavioral differences

Individual differences in job performance

Behavioral indicators

  • General principles in human resources tests

Different kinds of tests

Determinant factors in the practical value of human resource tests

Individual and organizational expectation diagrams

Test management and the importance of its confidentiality


  • Human potentials and their evaluation

Intellectual abilities and related tests

Mechanical abilities and related tests

Psychological abilities

Sight skills and sight tests

Various combinations of talent tests

Job related skills and tests


  • Personality and work interest

Limitations of personality’s potentials and factors related to work interest


  • Evaluations of different attitudes

Attitude evaluation

Attitude evaluation questionnaire

Contents analysis


Work Condition:

  1. Degree of light and its standard
  2. Climatic condition
  3. The effects of heat and coldness and related factors
  4. Noise level – noise measurement – the effects of noise on performance – the effects of noise on hearing
  5. Work schedule
  6. Break time and its effects on performance