Production Management – BBA

Credit: 3

Hours: 51

Credit type: Theory

Pre-requisite: Operations Research (1)


An understanding of main concepts in production management and how to use different techniques in designing and increasing quality and quantity of production, considering the role of human resource as main factor

Main topics:

  • The concept of management, manager and system
  • The need of systematic handling in production activities
  • The use of computer in designing production control
  • The importance of production in economy of the society, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Production’s place in organization and categorizing it according to production methods, product type, operation process
  • Continuous- batch production
  • Various work process and lay out
  • Production line equilibrium
  • Material planning for service and production organizations
  • Demand forecasting and its relation with production speed
  • Break even point analysis and its application
  • Material transportation
  • Inventory control in production systems