Muslim Women Commemorated

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A seminar titled the Status of Muslim Women was held in the IAU-UAE Branch, Knowledge Village campus, on April 16, 2015, which was co-organized by the UAE Branch of Islamic Azad University and the Cultural Counsel Department of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Dubai.

Marking the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.’s daughter, Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra p.b.u.h., and in line with the emphasis that our religious teachings place on the spiritual status of women, IAU-UAE Branch celebrates the occasion every year.This year’s event was attended by scores of participants from the Iranian organizations and institutions in the UAE such as the IRI Consulate in Dubai, Imam Hussein p.b.u.h. Mosque, Iranian Schools HQ, Iranian Hospital in Dubai, and Iranian Club alongside the faculty and students of the host university.

Speaking to the audience, the honorable representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Office to the UAE, hojjatoleslam Dr. Mahmood Madani, highlighted the lofty position of women in the Holy Quran. On the issue of men and women’s equality, Dr. Madani underscored that, although all human beings are equally responsive to Allah for their deeds, such a premise is methodologically flawed in that men and women possess drastically different physiologies.  He then went on to say that the delicacy in womanhood and the sacrifice in motherhood are two of the many traits that no man can possess whatsoever.

The second speaker of the event was Prof. Tahereh Hamiz, a Tehran-based writer, who kindly accepted our invitation to deliver a speech on the topic. In her talk,   Dr. Hamiz referred to the exemplar spiritual status that Hazrat Zahra p.b.u.h. gained in her life of less than two decades, bringing up infallible Imams Hassan p.b.u.h. and Hussein p.b.u.h.. Afterwards, two of the girl students delivered short talks on the contemporary issues of Muslim women in the modern world.

Awarding the speakers with gifts and offering the audience a light supper, the commemoration ceremony came to an end.