Mathematics in Management (2) – BBA

Credit: 3

Hours: 51

Credit type: Theory

Pre-requisite: Mathematics in Management (1)


Teaching and revising the skills that were discussed in introductory Math and understanding the application of these methods and skills in management issues.

Main topics:

1- Multi variables functions, slight derivatives, total deferential, chain rules

2- Application of maximum, minimum slight derivatives

3- Vectors and vectors Algebra

4- Matrix, Matrices Algebra, linear change

5- Determinant, methods of calculating determinants

6- Reverse Matrix and methods of reversing square matrix. Introductory Matrix and change of matrix

7- Linear functions and methods of solving linear functions, eliminating, grammar     order and matrix change

8- Especial amount, especial vectors

9- Integral and methods of integral, rules of estimating specified integral

10- Specified integral application in calculation of area, volume and other cases

11- Deferential Equation