Mathematics in Management (1) – BBA

Credit: 3

Hours: 51

Credit type: Theory

Pre-requisite: Pre-Math


To familiarize the students of human science with introduction and primary concepts of Mathematics at general Math level in relation with their majors as their learning depends on these concepts.


Main Topics:

1) What is Mathematics? The importance, benefit and its application in human science

2) To become familiar with theory of sets: primary concepts, membership, sub-sets, combinations of sets, Algebra of sets  , Wen diagram, Elevating set, Descartes multiplication

3) Numerical sets: natural numbers, integer, rational, irrational, real and mixed number sets

4) Marginal discussion: the concept of absolute value, distance, greatest integer, counting techniques( permutation, order, combination), Newton’s  expansion, methods of reasoning (analogy, allegory, mathematics inductive method), coordination systems (Descartes, Polar)

5) Functions and relations : Definition, various relations  and functions ( Basic elementary functions, simple and compound functions, even and odd functions, one to one function and reverse function, linear function, exponential functions, logarithm, trigonometric, inverse Trigonometric  functions and their applications

6) Limits and continuity: Definition of limit, limit in limit environment, definition of continuity, various types of limits (limit sin x/x in zero limit (1+1/n) in infinity)

7) Derivative and deferential: Definition of derivative, steps in derivation, simple formula for derivation, definition of differential and related formula, derivative of complex functions, total differentiation of derivation exponential n

8) Derivation and differential application, determining the changes in direction of  the function, maximum and minimum, convex-concave and returning point in proving continuity  in calculating limit and  eliminating ambiguity


Notice: chapter’s transposition in teachings depends on the reference chosen by the lecturer.