International Financial and Monetary Organizations

Credit: 3

Hours: 51

Credit Type: Theory

Pre-requisite: –


The role of financial and monetary organizations to meet business organization needs, investment affairs and an understanding of capital and money market trends.

Main Topics:

1- Savings and financial resources concentration in society

2- Methods of capital formation, capital expense calculation and financing methods

3- Characteristics of money and capital market in developing countries

4- Forecasting the financial activities process in financial market, stock market. securities and capital market.

5- Effective economic factors on capital and money flow, financial market changes, Inflation, change in interest rate, money exchange

6- The role of new banking system in monetary and financial market in Iran

7- Foreign financial sources, loans, credits, international reserves

8- The role of oil income in financial market of exporting countries

9- Providing research report by student regarding one of the issues in financial and monetary market

10- European foreign exchange market

11-Current issues and trends in international financial and monetary affairs