Human Resource Management – BBA

Credit: 3

Hours: 51

Credit type: Theory

Pre-requisite: Organizational behavior management


The main role of management in all organizational levels, the perfect utilization of  resources (human and material)and leading and controlling organization resources in order to achieve organizational goals.

Utilizing human resources using technical and technological methods

Perfect utilization of human resources and creating a cooperative and …… morale in the organization is not easy. Therefore, managers should be aware of the philosophy and new methods of human resource development. So the educational aim of this course includes:

1-students’ understanding from techniques and methods of human resource management

2- Current problems and issues of human resource management in Iran and how to use human resource management methods to solve them.

3- To become familiar with recruitment laws and regulations.

Main Topics:

1- The definition of human resource management and its goal- the main role of Iran recruitment organization and effective factors in choosing the location for the recruitment organization.

2- Job Analysis ( Job description, Job specification, Job factors), How to use job analysis in human resource management

3- Human resource planning- Recruitment resources(internal, external),different methods of forecasting future human resource needs of the organization, examining human resource planning models