Fundamentals of Management and Organization – BBA

Credit: 3

Hours: 51

Credit type: Theory


Fundamentals of Islamic Management


To familiarize the students with the general concepts of management in different societies and applications of principles of management in relation to societies’ need for the sake of self sufficiency and fulfilling material and spiritual needs considering cultural, social, religious and economical situations.

Main topics:

Part 1: General

  • Definitions and different concepts of management and their importance in today’s world.
  • Management theories: Scientific management, System Approach, General Administrative Approach
  • Organization behavior approach
  • Systems Approach to Management
  • Contingency Approach to management
  • Theories of managers’ roles

Part 2:

Management Process

Innovation and creativity in an organization

The importance, creativity barriers, creativity process, practical suggestion for creativity

Decision Making and problem solving:

Problem identification process, various kinds of problems, decision making and problem solving process, barriers to logical decision making, skills and methods for decision making


Various planning, important steps in planning, hierarchy of plans, forecasting skills and planning skills


Principles of organizing, different kinds of organizing, first-line, middle and top managers, Lack of concentration and assigning authority, new examples, organization, coordination and its mechanism

Mobilization of resources and facilities

Marketing management, providing financial and investment resources, providing material and equipment, human resource management, managers assessment and selection, manager training, application and provision of laws and regulations


 Leadership, motivation and organizational communication

Control and supervision:

Supervision and control process, different skills of controlling, individuals’ reasons for resistance to supervision and control.