Fundamental of Islamic Management – BBA

Credit: 3

Hours: 51

Credit Type: Theory

Pre-requisite: –


Awareness about management functions. Examining our prophet and Imam’s way of livings and dealing with different issues, to learn managerial lessons.


Main Topics:


A- Explaining the course title

B- The place of management in Islamic system

C-The prominent place of management in Islamic Research (Intellectual, narrative, experimental science)

D- The relationship between religion, science and each one’s role in respect to the other

E- The place of Quranic stories in Islamic management research


Principle of Islamic management:

1- The principles of non precedence / priority over God and Prophet (p.b.u.h)

2- The principle of unity and harmony in management and organization’s hierarchy
3- The principle of centralization of hereafter in planning and its examples

4- Principle of enforcing management according to free will not forces

5- The principle of enforcing management based on man powers’ intelligence