Marketing MBA Program Learning Objectives


This program aims to educate employable graduates equipped with the required hard and soft skills, abilities and competencies for performing operational business functions. To this end, the graduates are expected to be empowered to:


PLO1: Recognize and define the general concepts in business management (Management Theories, Marketing, Research , decision making, Strategic Planning …).


PLO2: Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of marketing principles (segmentation, targeting, positioning, …) as well as Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Advertising, and Branding as tools for professional marketing management.


PLO3: Apply the gained managerial knowledge and skills in effectively solving relevant problems in the field of business and creating value for the stakeholders.


PLO4: Utilize the knowledge of business relations in formulating effective business settings (negotiations, correspondence, B2X …).


PLO5: Critically analyze the marketing processes and relations between different factors affecting decision-making and trend-setting in marketing.


PLO6: Appraise the status quo of an enterprise both internally and externally with a focus on promoting the company’s position in the market.


PLO7: Design and create models and tools for implementing marketing decisions in the field of Product Development, Branding, Advertising, Public Relations, …


PLO8: Author a defendable dissertation applying scientific research methodologies to utilize the gained knowledge in solving problems and improving the existing solutions in the field of study through a theoretical, applied, or developmental approach.