Program Learning Objectives- Bachelor in Business Management


The bachelor degree program in Business Management aims to educate employable graduates equipped with the required hard and soft skills, abilities and competencies for having a wider understanding of leadership, entrepreneurship, management operations, economy, marketing, and other related subjects.


To prepare the students for the competitive international business world, the program composition has been designed to empower the candidates with managerial, administrative, and strategic planning capabilities to run a business of their own or successfully engage in management jobs offered to them. By the end of the program, the successful graduates are expected to be capable of:


PLO1:  Recognizing and identifying the fundamental concepts in management, organizations, economy, finance, marketing, system analysis, research methods at different levels of industries.


PL02: Demonstrating an in-depth systematic knowledge and understanding of management and organization and its theoretical methodological approaches in gaining leadership skills.


PL03:  Applying the gained managerial knowledge and skills in marketing and effectively solving problems by strategic thinking.


PL04: Analyzing the knowledge of business relations in formulating effective business settings and learning to utilize and solve problems by assembling relevant research, evaluating and identifying sources.


PL05: Critically evaluating and increasing their skills in order to lead others through conducting methods of research, negotiations, judgement, experience and involvement in the market.


PL06: Evaluating the status quo of an enterprise both internally and externally with focusing on promoting the company’s position in the global market.


PL07: Developing Business professionals, with employable and entrepreneurial leadership skills in solving problems and improving existent solutions through theoretical, applied, and developed approach.


PL08: Designing and creating business models, proposals and tools for implementing Business decision’s in the fields of Product and Strategy Development.