Program: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


Program Description:

Islamic Azad University, UAE branch, offers the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCE) to provide educational training and services to those applicants who wish to understand the principles and fundamentals of computer architecture, hardware, software, information technology, artificial intelligence, and secure computing. The BSCE Program has a strong emphasis on the principle and fundamentals of the computer engineering both theoretically and applied to prepare computer specialists for the design and implementation of the software programs required to solve the real world problems. Also, they will receive the professional skills and training to be able to optimize the data transportation over a secure network as well as apply the optimal Data Storage and Retrieval methods.

Program Objectives:

The mission of the Computer Engineering Program at IAU is to prepare the students for productive careers in industry and government by providing an excellent education with applied laboratory-based instruction in both theory and application regarding to software engineering. Our primary goal is to educate a new generation of software engineering students who able to meet the current and future industry challenges and emerging software trends. In addition we train the computer specialist who able to apply their knowledge of engineering along with their creativity and innovation to solve the complex computer systems problems.

Duration of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is four years and the list of the required courses that need to be passed to earn the degree according to the approval of Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of Iran is as follows.

List of Courses:

  • General Courses              24 (Credit Hours)
  • Basic Courses                  20 (Credit Hours)
  • Core Courses:                  59 (Credit Hours)
  • Major Courses                 19 (Credit Hours)
  • Major Elective Courses   1 2 (Credit Hours)
  • Elective Courses                 8 (Credit Hours)


Total Credit Hours is      142(Credit Hours)

Note: Those students who lack the required minimum knowledge in the field may be required to pass a maximum of ten credit hours of prerequisite courses.

Program Learning Outcomes


  • PLO1 To gain the knowledge of computer engineering in the areas software design and implementation, modelling and analysis, verification and validation as well as web programming. 
  • PLO2 To understand the concept of computing and researching for the design and development of the projects in various technical areas.
  • PLO3 To utilize the knowledge of computing and mathematics to identify, analyze, and classify the variety of the engineering technology problems.
  • PLO4 Analyze a problem and identify the appropriate algorithm or mathematical model for its optimal solution.
  • PLO5 To design and implements the appropriate solution for one or more application software which meets the desired needs using software engineering approach that concerned the  ethical, legal, social, economic issues.
  • PLO6 To differentiate between the design and implementation of the system programming, computer programming, and web programming and ability to engage in programming regarding cryptography for cloud computing environment.
  • PLO7 To apply the knowledge of mathematics, and technology in identifying and analyzing the real-life problems.
  • PLO8 To build an effective rapport with peers in team work.