Vision, Mission and Values


To remain the flag-bearer of Iranian universities overseas and to become a merit choice among the UAE higher learning institutions by 2022



To educate visionary and employable graduates who can apply their academic achievements to improve their life skills and work environment

Strategic Goals

•    Standardization of the academic activities and continuously enhancing the quality of education and research

•    Engagement of all the stakeholders in providing lifelong, value-adding learning experience

•    Creation of a friendly ambiance for studying and teaching towards sustainable individual and social growth

•    Provision of accredited, cost-effective degree programs for the Iranian expatriate community as well as international candidates

•    Building a productive rapport with the peer international universities for engaging in joint academic collaborations


•    Integrity

•    Student-centrism

•    Learning with passion

•    Applied Pedagogy

•    Mentorship

•    Incubation of talents

•    Communication and collaboration


•    Achieving skills and abilities

•    Zooming on hiring qualified professors

•    Analytical and critical thinking

•    Dynamic learning materials


•    Unity in diversity

•    Novelty and innovation

•    Identity formation

•    Value-adding learning experiences

•    Ethical empowerment

•    Responsibility and responsiveness                                                                                    

•    Sustainable progress

•    Involvement of all stakeholders

•    Transparency

•    Yearning to learn evermore