Constitutional Law – BBA

Credit: 2

Hours: 34

Credit Type: Theory

Pre-requisite: –


To familiarize students with  principles and constitutional law rules( in general, in Islamic Republic of Iran) in a way that as a manager or an office administrator expert has a general view of different government political system, tripartite forces and today’s constitutional laws in the world and in Islamic Republic of Iran. Students also will learn how to refer to Islamic republic of Iran’s constitution and constitution books in order to solve political problems.


Main Topics:


Part 1- Definition

1-Definition of power, authority, tripartite forces, government, politics, national    political organization, political institution, constitution law

2-Definition of “constitutional law”

  1. As a university major and its place in law  and its relation with other majors, especially “administrative law” “administrative science”
  2. As a set of rules of constitutional law governing the society
  3. As a basic constitutional rights of people

Part 2- Theories of constitutional law

Part 3- Sources of constitutional law

Part 4- Different political regimes

Part 5- Different governments in terms of structure

Part 6- Tripartite forces, the situations of other countries in the world from this respect

Part 7- Political structure of the government

Part 8- People’s freedom and rights

Part 9- The history of Iran’s constitutional law

Part 10- Islamic republic of Iran Constitutional law

Part 11- Political policies (domestic policies, foreign policies) in Islamic Republic of Iran

Part 12-Economic constitution system in Islamic Republic of Iran

Part 13- Cultural principles in Islamic Republic of Iran

Part 14- Research methods in constitutional law (General- Islamic Republic of Iran)