Computer Applications in Management – BBA

Credit: 3

Hours: 68

Credit Type: Theory, Practical (2 theories, 1 practical)

Pre-requisite: –


Familiarizing students with computer, learning the principles of programming, interaction with computer in order to solve the managerial problems, dealing with the issues such as accepting computer as a tool in achieving organization’s goal and understanding systematic thinking


Main Topics:

Part 1: Introduction to computer

  • An introduction about computer and its application in managerial decision making
  • The reason for creating new systems
  • The history of computer’s  existence
  • Electronic computer system
  • The organization’s need to computers
  • Computer terms
  • Methods of using  a computer
  • Operating system Windows


Part 2: Computer Application in Management

  • Managerial information base and spreadsheets
  • Application of computer in companies operations
  • Presenting some cases from computers application  in statistical analysis and in operational research