According to IRNA news, 2 April,Tehran– Iranian karate team, by receiving three gold and four bronze medals, stood on the first place in the third stage of Karate 1 Premier League Dubai 2017.

Saeed Alipour defeated Greek representive 1-0 in the Men’s minus 67 kilogram class and won the gold medal. He had defeated rivals from UAE, Algeria, Luxemburg, Cameron, Russia and Saudi Arabia to reach the final game.

Fatemeh Chalaki earned a gold medal in the women’s minus 50-kilogram class by defeating Russia’s Valeria Finashkina 2-0.

The Iranian athlete had already defeated representatives of Macau, Chinese Taipei, Turkey, and Indonesia respectively to reach the final stage.

Sajjad Ganjzadeh was another Iranian athlete who won the gold medal by defeating Georgia representative 3-1 in the men’s plus 84 kilogram class.

Negin Baqeri, Amir Mahdizadeh and Abolfazl Shahrjerdi defeated the Turkish, Russian and Hong Kong representatives respectively and took the bronze medal.

Iran’s Azad University team earned the bronze medal in team section of these prestigious competitions.

According to the official website of World Karate Federation, the Karate1-Premier League is the most important league event in the world of Karate. It comprises of a number of the most prominent Karate competitions and endeavors to bring together the best Karate athletes in the world in open championships of unprecedented scale and quality.

Initiated in 2011 with two tournaments held in Paris and Istanbul, the Karate1-Premier League- has made exponential progress in terms of magnitude and status of the tournaments as well as the number of participants and countries represented.


According to Gulf News, 24 March, Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the issuance of a subscription card branded ‘Student Parking’ as part of its community-oriented initiatives for this segment. The initiative targets students who are studying in colleges, universities and higher education institutions in Dubai emirate with a view to realising RTA’s third strategic goal ‘People Happiness.’

Usama Al Safi, director of parking at RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency said, the ‘Student Parking’ card is issued to students of universities and higher academic institutions in Dubai and entitles them to use public parking lots around campuses within a 500-metre radius, bearing codes A, B, C and D, against a fee of Dh300 for three months.

“Documents required to obtain the Student Parking card are: approved certificate from the university or college proving that the applicant is registered as a student, the applicant’s driving licence, and a vehicle ownership card in the name of the applicant or any of his or her first or second-degree relatives. The Parking Card bears specific details for validation such as vehicle registration number, type of card, validity date, and authorised areas.

According to the RTA, a maximum of three vehicles can be added to a single card providing that it is used for only one vehicle at a time. The card should be displayed on the vehicle windscreen to avoid offences and is invalid for use in reserved or designated parking slots for other entities or categories.

Students interested in getting the parking card can get in touch with the RTA’s customer service centre by calling 8009090 or by visiting the website

Verily we belong to Allah and toward Him we shall return


Iran’s DEA father passes away

Condolences on the sad loss of a precious scientist, Professor Gholamreza Jahanshahlou, who spent years of his invaluable life in teaching and training myriads of students and instructors with exemplar dedication and affection. It goes without saying that the priceless endeavors he made in educating several generations of our youths to the very last days of his bountiful life would remain as a long lasting source of knowledge. The chancellor, vice-chancellors, faculty members, staffers, and students of IAU-UAE Branch wish to extend their heartfelt condolences to his mournful family and the scientific society on this tragic loss.

Late Prof. Jahanshahlou has also numerous publications in the fields of Data Envelopment Analysis and Operations Research. We at the UAE Branch of IAU had the honor to host him in May 2012 for a memorable, informative workshop on the “Role of Modern Mathematics in Management”. He breathed his last on April 5, 2017. May Allah, the Almighty, shower his soul with eternal blessings and bestow patience on his bereaved loved ones.

انّا لله و انّا الیه راجعون

درگذشت استاد گرانقدر دانشمند فقید جناب آقای پروفسور غلامرضا جهانشاهلو  که سال‌های عمر خود را با عشق و اخلاص در جهت تعلیم و پرورش اساتید و دانشجویان، سپری  نمود را تسلیت عرض می نمائیم. بدون شک خدمات ارزشمند ایشان تا واپسین روزهای عمر پر برکت خود با تدریس و تحقیق و تربیت نسل جوان برای میهن اسلامی منشأ خدمات ماندگاری خواهد بود.  ریاست، معاونین، اساتید، کارمندان و دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد امارات این ضایعه و فقدان بزرگ را به خانواده محترم آن مرحوم، جامعه علمی و به ویژه خانواده بزرگ دانشگاهیان تسلیت عرض نموده و رحمت و مغفرت جاودان برای آن فقید سعید و برای بازماندگان ایشان صبر و شکیبایی را از درگاه ایزد منّان مسئلت می‌نمایند.

استاد تمام و مدیر گروه ریاضی کاربردی واحد علوم و تحقیقات و مدرس دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد امارات متحده عربی از سوی سایت تامسون رویترز، جزء یک درصد دانشمندان برتر جهان در همه رشته‌ها قرار گرفت.

به گزارش خبرنگار خبرگزاری آنا، سایت «تامسون رویترز» یکی از معتبرترین مراجع علمی برای ارزیابی محققان و مجلات تحقیقاتی بین‌المللی است که هرساله لیستی از برترین دانشمندان جهان را پس از ارزیابی‌های علمی و تحقیقاتی منتشر می‌کند.

دکتر توفیق الهویرنلو به دلیل بیشترین ارجاعیات به بیشترین تعداد مقالات و همچنین فاکتورهای اختصاصی مربوط به مجلات علمی از سوی سایت تامسون رویترز به عنوان یک درصد دانشمندان برتر جهان معرفی شد.

الهویرنلو در این باره گفت: «در این ارزیابی صورت گرفته از سوی سایت تامسون رویترز از بین همه محققان جهان در همه رشته‌ها جزو یک درصد از آنها قرار گرفته‌ام. بر اساس پردازش‌های مختلفی که انجام شده از کشور ایران ٢٠٧ نفر در زمره دانشمندان یک درصد برتر دنیا قرار گرفته‌اند.»

مدیر گروه ریاضی کاربردی واحد علوم و تحقیقات و مدرس دانشگاه آزاد واحد امارات متحده عربی ادامه داد: «توزیع دانشمندان در رشته‌های مختلف یکسان نیست و سهم حوزه ریاضیات پنج درصد از دانشمندان است که اینجانب از دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی در حوزه ریاضیات تنها منتخب بودم.»

الهویرنلو داری بیش از ١٨٠ مقاله چاپ شده در مجلات بین‌المللی و مؤلف ٩ کتاب برای مقاطع ارشد و دکتری است . وی از سال ٢٠١٢ در زمینه کاری معادلات دیفرانسیل فازی از نظر پایگاه اطلاعاتی SCOPUS داری رتبه اول جهان هستند.

وی در حال حاضر سردبیر سه مجله بین‌المللی معتبر بوده و عضو هیات تحریره بیش از ١٠ مجله بین‌الملی ISI است

Iranian president, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, on May 19 paid a state visit to the Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University in the capital Tehran to inaugurate several projects.

Addressing a host of IAU academicians and staffers on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the establishment of this non-governmental university, president Rouhani voiced his happiness with the opportunity to have visited this branch of the university, and further touched on the share of Islamic Azad University in the Iranian higher education system standing at the incredible 35percent, which clearly speaks of the priceless achievements of this scientific body.

Dr. Rouhani later referred to the initial steps to form this university over three decades ago underscoring the fact that, without the late Founder of the Revolution, Imam Khomeini’s consent, and the generous assistance from the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei as well as the earnest determination of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, such a colossal university would have not existed now.

Mr. President went on to say that such advancements could have not been made over this brief period of time by the government due to the governmental bureaucracy and lack of allocated budgets.  He then referred to the successful case of IAU as a proof that any activity, even a cultural one, would flourish sooner and better provided that it is left in the hands of the people, the experts in the field, and the academic elite.

Speaking as well in capacity of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, Dr. Rouhani also stressed the need for paying more attention to the research activities and bearing in mind to establish a robust link between the academic activities and the industrial, agricultural, and medical centers.

Elsewhere in his remarks, President Hassan Rouhani highlighted the significant role the professors play in the betterment of the societal conditions and maintaining the live, critical atmosphere of the universities while observing the ethics and abiding by the national and religious identity.

President Rouhani wrapped up his speech by underlining the need to create an ambience for the Iranian academic elite living abroad to feel safe and free to repatriate and lend an expert hand in improving the status quo of science and research in the country; an opportunity that, as Dr. Rouhani was quoted, can be materialized by private bodies like the Islamic Azad University.


DSC_0016Over a score of universities active in Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) and Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) convened on October 26, 2015 at the DKV conference hall to display their potentials.

In this vibrant event where Islamic Azad University-UAE Branch had a much-visited booth, some 700 students from Arabian, Indian, Pakistani, English, and Iranian high schools took a tour into the programs available at the university in the Dubai Emirate.

Participating in the event with their educators and parents, the students paused to inquire about the details and prospects of the programs they wished to further their studies in.

IAU personnel also gave counsel to the applicants regarding the admission terms and conditions.

The convention aimed to familiarize the would-be applicants of the collegiate studies in the Emirate with merits of each program so that they could make proper decisions about their future academic life and career.


DSC_1093 DSC_1046 DSC_1038 DSC_0024


unnamed2A top-ranking delegation of the Islamic Azad University officials paid a two-day visit to the UAE Branch campus on September 3-4, 2015.

The four-member team comprised the vice-president for Knowledge-based Economic Planning, Dr. Rahnamai Roodposhti, the vice-president for Tertiary and Postgraduate Education, Dr. Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, the vice-president for Assessment and Admissions, Dr. Alavi Fazel, the acting chancellor of IAU-Central Tehran Branch, Dr. Navabakhsh, who met with the branch officials and visited the campus.

In their visit, they lauded the achievements of the UAE Branch as the most active overseas branch in terms of providing quality education and research for the students.

On the sideline of their visitation and in the company of the UAE Branch Chancellor, Dr. Mounnamed1hammadreza Shahriari, the delegation met and conferred with the Managing Director of the Education Cluster of TECOM Group (KVD and DIAC), Dr. Ayoub Kazim and Director of Partner Relations, Michael Trivett in Dubai nternational Academic City discussing the visions and missions of both sides highlighting the need to expand the academic horizons in the region both qualitatively and quantitatively via integrated policies and mutual collaboration.


8On the occasion of the national Teacher’s Day, May 2, a splendid ceremony was held at the banquet hall of the Iranian Club to acknowledge the exalted position of educators. This year’s event auspiciously coincided with the national Father’s Day that marks the birth anniversary of the first Shiite Imam Ali p.b.u.h..

IAU-UAE Branch was the generous host of the event in which dozens of guests from the Iranian organizations and institutions in Dubai as well as a selected number of teachers and principals from the Iranian high schools in Dubai and Sharjah were cordially invited to celebrate the teacher’s day alongside the IAU authorities, faculty members, staffers, and their families.

Amid the vivacious reunions and friendly chit-chats typical of such gatherings, the ceremony began with recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran at 9p.m., followed by the national anthems of the UAE and Iran. Then, Dr. MohammadaliShafiei, as the university’s Vice-chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs welcomed the guests, congratulated them on the occasion, and highlighted the presence of Iranian high schools representatives as a turning point in creating a synergy between the schools and universities.

He then invited hojjatoleslam Dr. Mahmood Madani, the esteemed representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Office to the UAE, to hold the floor. Dr. Madani, in his speech underlined the irreplaceable significance of teaching and learning. Himself being a professor, Dr. Madani went on to pinpoint a selection of aphorisms on the rights that educators and students have against one another.

Afterwards came the lengthy, yet reassuring, part of awarding gifts and branches of rose to each and every teacher present at the ceremony. The guests were called to the stage by Dr. Shafiei who, at times, had to control the chattering crowds like a teacher with his witty remarks.

The gifts were presented by a panel consisting of Prof. MohammadrezaShahriari, IAU-UAE Branch Chancellor, Mr. Bahrami, Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran in Dubai, hojjatoleslam Dr. Mahmood Madani, the honorable representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Office to the UAE, and Mr. Goodarzi, Head of Iranian Schools HQ in the UAE.

The three-hour ceremony wrapped up by a banquet of diverse Persian cuisines.